The Dubai Ferry currently runs from four ferry terminals: Dubai Marina, Al Ghubaiba, Dubai Canal Station and Al Jadaf.

The first two stations to operate were at Al Ghubaiba and Dubai Marina, with a terminal at Al Mamzar introduced in October 2014 – However, this is no longer running at present due to lack of demand.

Ferry services run 7 days a week.

From November 2016 ferry services started using the Dubai Canal, trip details are shown further below.

Ticket prices are shown here.

The Al Ghubaiba terminal is a minutes walk from the Al Ghubaiba Metro station, near the creek abra stations.

The Marina terminal is a short walk (about 500 yards to the left) from outside the Marina Mall.

There are circular tourist type trips that run for approximately 1 hour from each terminal but there are now also trips that run from one terminal to the other (which also take 60-90 minutes).

The currently advertised trips for Dubai Marina and Al Ghubaiba are:

11am, 1pm and 6.30pm One way trips from Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina and Dubai Marina to Al Ghubabiba. From November 2016 these trips will  stop at the Dubai Canal Station en route.
10am, 12pm (midday) and 5.30pm One way trips between Al Jaddaf Station and the Dubai Canal Station: calling at Dubai Design District, Al Wajeha Al Maeyah, and Marasi stations in the Business Bay; and the Sheikh Zayed Road Station in the Dubai Water Canal.

See below for more specific details

3pm Circular Tourist trips:

  1. from Al Ghubaiba within the creek
  2. Dubai Marina to Burj al Arab
(Thursday and Friday) Tourist trip from Al Mamzar (circular) Not currently running although you can book a circular trip if you give 48 hours notice.
5pm Sightseeing circular trips:

  1. Al Ghubaiba to Jumeirah Beach
  2. Dubai Marina to Atlantis
Trips from Dubai Water Canal Marine Station
Ferry Direction 1 2 3
To Al Jaddaf 12:05 14:05 19:35
To Al Ghubaiba 11:50 13:50 19:20
To Dubai Marina 11:50 13:50 19:20
Dubai Water Canal Routes- Al Jadaf to Dubai Canal Station
Towards Dubai Canal Station
Al Jadaf 10:00 12:00 17:30
Dubai Design District 10:35 12:35 18:05
Al Wajeha Al Maeyah 10:50 12:50 18:20
Marasi 11:05 13:05 18:35
Sheikh Zayed Road 11:25 13:25 18:55
Dubai Canal Station 11:45 13:45 19:15
Dubai Water Canal Routes – Dubai Canal Station to Al Jadaf
Towards Al Jadaf
Dubai Canal Station 12:05 14:05 19:35
Sheikh Zayed Road 12:25 14:25 19:55
Marasi 12:45 14:45 20:15
Al Wajeha Al Maeyah 13:00 15:00 20:30
Dubai Design District 13:15 15:15 20:45
Al Jadaf 13:50 15:50 21:20

Scheduled circular services (services that start and leave from the same station) will only run with at least 10 passengers. You can also privately hire the boats for your own trip at any available time between 9am and 9pm. Evening trips are busier so you may need to get to the terminal well in advance of the sailing (30 minutes or more).

Both circular routes run along the shore from the terminus with views of the coastline and the many local attractions, they run for one hour and then return from the place they started from. In this way they are really just excursions rather than a means to actually get anywhere within Dubai.

All Routes Map

Here is a summary map of the routes that are covered by the Dubai Ferry. You can click on the map to see a larger version.

Dubai Marina

This is the tourist route covered by the Dubai Marina ferry which runs at 5pm:

Dubai Marina Ferry Route
Dubai Marina Ferry Route

There is also an ‘internal route’ running from Dubai Marina for an hour at 3pm.

In addition you can travel at 11am, 1pm and 6.30pm from Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba. This stops at Dubai Canal Station en route.

Al Ghubaiba

The route covered by the Al Ghubaiba ferry for the circular trip at 5pm is shown below. However, note that the route may be subject to change. The 3pm trip stays within Dubai Creek.


In addition there is a ferry running from Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina Ferry terminal at 11am, 1pm and 6.30pm. This stops at Dubai Canal Station en route.

Route for Marina/Al Ghubaiba

Below is the approximate route for the ferry that runs to and from the Marina and Al Ghubaiba:

Al Jadaf/ Dubai Canal Station

From November 2016 a new route was added in the Dubai Water Canal that goes from Al Jadaf to Dubai Canal Station and back at 10am, Midday and 5.30pm.


The Dubai Ferry can be hired for private trips with no seats so that guests can mingle. It costs 2800 dirhams per hour (prices may change).

You can also use the Water Taxi and the Water Bus for your journeys.

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  1. Is it possible to get a ferry from Al Jadaf along the canal and out to the Marina. This looks possible from the map, but would I have to get out at Dubai Canal station and change to a different boat?

    1. Yes you are right you need to take the ferry to the Dubai canal station and then change there.Each of the 3 trips from Al Jadaf arrives at Dubai Canal station 5 minutes before the marina ferry departs.

  2. Hi! I would like to know if it is still possible to get to the waterfront at Al Seef marine transport station, since I know there’s a construction site over there. It seems there’s no point to take some photo of the opposite river bank.

    Thank You! 🙂

    1. Sorry I don’t have any information on Al Seef station – it is not a terminal for the ferry but is for the water taxi and water bus.

      1. Hi admin.
        Pls I would like to know the exact timings of al jaddaf route going to dubai water canal station & schedule for RTA water taxi. Im planning to go later afternoon. Pls reply asap. Thank you

  3. Hi we are staying at the Cyan Tower on the Marina and going for afternoon tea at the Ossiana Restaurant in the Atlantis,The Palm Jumeira can you get a boat or ferry from the marina that can drop off at the Atlantis?

  4. I would like to experience the ferry with a final destinations being Dubai Old Souq Marine Transport Station. What beginning of route and timing would enable me to get to the Dubai Old Souq Marine Transport Station?

    1. Al Ghubaiba marine station is right near the old soukh station so you can get the ferry from the marina to there. See above for more info on timings.

  5. Hello
    We will be at dubai in April at the hyatt place dubai banyias square and i would like to know if there is always a ferry that leaves dubai marina and that goes to Al Ghubaiba and what is the price and time of the last crossed
    thank you

  6. bonjour
    nous serons a dubai au mois d avril a l hotel hyatt place dubai banyias square et j aimerais savoir si il y a toujours un ferry qui part de dubai marina et qui va jusqu a Al Ghubaiba et quelle est le prix etl heure de la dernière traversé

  7. Hello .Tomorrow I would like going to the Dubai canal. I start in Dubai marina . When can I take the boat and how much is it ?
    I don’t understand , there are having some stations in Dubai canal ? I would like going by boat and after walk a long to canal to see the new brigde. Where is situated the walk next canal ?

    Thanks you

    1. You take the boat from the Marina station (check the maps page for location). Cost is as per the Tickets page (25 dirham). Yes there are stations in Dubai canal. It is a long walk so you could take the ferry to maybe Sheikh Zayed Road station and take a walk from there.

  8. Hi,

    I’m planing to go to Dubai marina by the ferry from Dubai water canal and I want to be sure and right about my route.

    My start will be from Sheikh Zayed Road station at 13:25 then Dubai Canal Station at 13:45 then head to Dubai Marina at 13:50

    Am I correct?

  9. Is the any ferry route which covers Marina, Palm Atlantis, Burj Al Arab in one trip.
    What is the cost and timing.

  10. My parents are coming for a week and I want to take them on a tour of the dubai canal.

    Where should I start from and where can i find the tickets? Also is there any walking involved as my mother cannot walk that much.

    One last question do these boats/ferries have bathrooms?

    Thank you for listening.

    1. Hi, it depends on how long a trip you want as to where you start from. If you want to do the whole canal then start from either Dubai Water Canal Station or Al Jadaf. To do a return trip will take quite a while though and there is generally some walking from wherever you park. Yes there are bathrooms on the ferries.

      1. Thank you for the reply, can we get in on one station, drop at the other and get a return fairy to Al jadaf?

        Also what is the travel time between Al jadaf and the next station.


        1. You can go to whichever stop you choose. All of the timings are shown above, there are not that many trips so you may need to work out if you can get a return trip with the timings you have chosen.

  11. Hi, I am visiting Dubai, and on 10th march I want to travel from Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina by water taxi at 11.
    How far is the monorail station / tram station from Dubai Marina.
    Also, do we have to walk a lot at the ferry stations as I have my mother who can walk just 100~200 meters only.

  12. hi
    Dubai ferry dubai marina to al ghubaiba at 11 am & 1 pm is fixed ? or its depend on passanger availability ?

    please reply as i want to ride it tomorrow .


  13. hi
    is there Sightseeing circular trips available on friday in morning 11 am onwords. (sightseeing to atlantis or burj al arab)

    please reply

  14. Hi

    Looking to go on a short ride (about 30mins) tomorrow morning (Thursday) around Business Bay as my 2yr old loves boats. Is it possible to do a short ride and where can I start the trip?

    1. Sorry, probably too late but you could take a short trip on the ferry for a couple of stops from Business Bay.

  15. Hi, how can I book a 3 pm round trip from marina to burj Al arab? I understand we need to be 10 person so it can be confirmed, and we are only 2, but please let me know how we can book. Thanks.

  16. HI, whats the best way to get from Anantara Hotel Dubai to the marina or the malls? Is there a water taxi station near to the hotel? Cheers

    1. The water taxi only goes from Atlantis on the Palm so perhaps the hotel runs a shuttle service to there, or else you could get the palm monorail to link in with other types of public transport (again from Atlantis).

    2. Will the one way trip from Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba be running Feb. 8 or 9th at 11am or 1pm? I’ve been to the Marina on Feb. 5th & 6th and according to the ticket agent the trips were not running. Anyway to find out if they are definitely running on the day without a special trip to the Marina? Thanks.

      1. I’m afraid there is no way to tell until you get there as they need a minimum number of 10 people to run the trip, so the only way to make sure is to go with 9 friends 🙂

  17. Is it possible to take a puschair on board the ferry from design district to the canal station and then on to dubai marina?

  18. Please, would you explain us or (better) show on a map the route for this trip :

    3pm Circular Tourist trips:
    Dubai Marina to Burj al Arab

    Thank you

    1. Instead of going up to Atlantis (as per the route map for the Atlantis trip) it hugs the shoreline and goes under the Palm towards the Burj al Arab.

  19. I am interested in taking a round trip from business bay area from under the waterfall for a round trip for max an hour..pls guide me about timings, exact location and prices and whether round trips is possible without switching boats…

  20. From the website, I can see that one ferry leaves at 17.30 hours from Al Jadaf to Dubai Canal Station. I understand there is no return trip. So I need to use public transport to reach Jaddaf area. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

    1. The metro is easy to use for return trips. Tickets can be purchased at all stations or buy a multi use Nol card that can also be used on all Dubai busses, Dubai Tram & water bus

  21. Hi,
    My daughter and her friends, all aged 17 to 18, would like to have a ferry ride as part of their school farewell dinner from 7pm for an hour. They are in 30 in numbers. Kindly let know if they are allowed alone due to their age (less than 18) and if so the charges related to the ride. Please advise. Thanks, Venkat

  22. Hi, would to know is possible to have round trip from dubai marina station, going to the creek and back to dubai marina

  23. Hi i want to visit Dubai water canal and ride on ferry can any one tell me about last trip timing please.
    Thank you .

    1. The ferry only takes a maximum of 100 passengers so you would need to split your group. It may be better to hire the ferry privately so you should call the RTA on 800 9090.

  24. Hi
    I am coming in a cruise to Dubai staying 2 days can I purchase a day travel tektite to use all public transport ( Metro and Tram)
    and how much is the cost please.
    Thank you

  25. Hi,
    I only have tomorrow n I’m wondering if i can take Dubai Marina to Burj al Arab at 3 PM and Dubai Marina to Atlantis at 5 PM back to back?? Kindly reply me soon.

  26. Is there a phone number I can ring on the day to check if a ferry service is running? I have gone to the Marina with visitors on three occasions to get different ferries only to find them cancelled when I get there. It would be good to be able to check in advance rather than waste another journey down. Thank you.

    1. Circular services will only run if there are more than 10 passengers. If you want a guaranteed service then you will need to go on a trip that goes from one place to another.

      1. Both occasions I tried to get the direct service from the Marina to Al Ghubaiba but it was cancelled due to some wind rather than lack of passengers. So it would be good to be able to call a number to check services are running on the day in case the weather stops them again? On both those days it seemed fine to me which is why I couldn’t have guessed in advance about the cancellations.

        1. And the third occasion was guests trying to co a circular trip to Burj al Arab which was cancelled due to something going on with the canal opening they reported back.

      2. Hi. Is the jadaf dubai canal 530pm circular trip running today 1st Jan and what time does it arrive back at jadaf? Thanks

  27. In a ticket shows circular trip, it means we can come back from where we have start the trip (cost Included)? or have to buy another ticket for return back.

  28. Hi !
    Can you, please, indicate me what is the distance between the métrostation “Creek” and the Dubai ferry station “Al Jaddaf” ?
    Thank you for your answer.

  29. hi is the route from Al Jadaf to Dubai Canal Station and back at 10am, Midday and 5.30pm open now and how much is it per person

    1. Yes it is actually a one-way trip but there are other ferries coming back in the opposite direction. Prices are shown on the tickets page and depend on how many stops you make

  30. Hi Admin, thanks for all the advice on the chat

    I would like to know how best to do these 2 routes that i can see on the map!

    1) Start Dubai Marina, loop around the Atlantis and then back to the marina. Is that a Water Bus route? Any idea on duration?

    2) Start Dubai Marina, then to Burj Al Arab (is there a stop there) or Jumeirah Beach Hotel (is there a stop there?) Any idea of duration?

    Thanks so much.

    1. Route 1 goes at 3pm and route 2 goes at 5pm. They don’t stop but just take a circular route taking in those landmarks. They take about 90 minutes.

  31. Hello. Is there a circular tour on the Water Canal? I just saw a youtube video taken from the RTA ferry at night. It went up through the “waterfall” at SZR, then around Business Bay area and back through the waterfall.

    Thank you so much.

  32. Hi,
    Just wondering if they run regular schedule on 1st of Jan 2017? I’m coming to Dubai for 2 days only and would like to make best of it. Thanks in advance.

    1. All timings are currently on the routes page, there are unlikely to be any changes on 1st January but if we get further information we will let you know.

  33. Hi, I m interested in Dubai Marina to Burj al Arab 3 pm ferry. is it possible to do advance online booking . Is it Dubai Marina – Burj al arab – Dubai Marina ( round trip ) ?

  34. One the one way trip (11am and 1pm) between Al Ghubaiba and Dubai Marina, will I be able to see Burj Al Arab and Atlantis from the ferry? Thanks.

  35. Hi I would like to take the ferry in dubai canal and pass by the bridge where there is water fall in the evening for the lights too. Which station should i take from and to? I will be near to dubai canal station. What time of the ferry should i take and can we prebook the ticket?

    1. The waterfall lights up between 8 and 10 pm so you would probably need to get the last ferry from Dubai Canal Station at 1935 – although you would need to find another way back! You can’t prebook tickets right now.

  36. Hi, can you please let us know how to reach the Dubai Design District Marine Station ? We are trying to catch the ferry in this station but looks all is close and there is no access. Thanks

  37. Hey I have monthly Nol card worth 350.
    Do I need to buy ticket to travel in water ferry?
    I want to go to Dubai canal from Al Gubaiba.

  38. Hi, our nearest station is Dubai Canal and we would like to take a boat trip to Marina and return. What are the timings please? Thanks

    1. Hi, we don’t currently have the specific timings – the ferry coming from Al Ghubaiba takes around 30-45 minutes to get to Dubai Canal Station so if you take either the one that leaves Al Ghubaiba at 11am or 1pm and then get the 6.30pm back from the Marina.

  39. Hi
    Could please tell me if there will be available station from buisiness bay to festival mall ,going n coming ,so interested in ,the nearest station to me in design district .

    1. There is a ferry station in Dubai Design District and you can get the ferry to Al Jadaf and then take an abra across to Festival City.

  40. Hello,
    The Al Jadaf/ Dubai Canal Station trip is a round trip?
    Does it start from Al Jadaf or from Dubai Canal?
    How long does it take?
    Thank you!

    1. As per the details above it is a one way trip but there are ferries returning so you can also come back (you will need to buy another ticket). All of the timings are shown above.

      1. Hi please can I confirm that if i take the ferry from Dubai Marina @1pm it will stop at the Dubai Canal Station? How long is this trip?


    2. Hi

      what are the timings from Marina ferry station to Al Ghubaiba station ? looking to arrive at Al Ghubaiba by around 7pm if possible. would be travelling on 1st December
      looking at timings there is only one leaving at 6.30pm which would get there around 8pm I guess . is that correct ?

    1. It used to be just over an hour before the stop at Dubai Canal Station, so a little bit longer now, I would allow up to 1h 30mins.

  41. Hi,
    Could you tell me how to reach the Marasi station. What is the nearest landmark, as it does not show in Google maps

      1. Hi, the link doesnt open. Can you please resend it or confirm the nearest landmark to Marasi station that is shown on google maps?


  42. Hi, we are a family of 7, and want to ride from al gubaiba to marina but covering the canal and burj al arab and atlantis. can you suggest me the time i can yravel? Also how much it will cost us to have a private cruise ? Date 16 th. nov.

  43. Hi,

    Just confirm – Will there be a ferry from Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina at 6.30 PM tomorrow Friday (October 21st) regardless of number of passengers?


    1. Sorry I have only just found notification of these comments but one way services always run (subject to weather etc) regardless of the number of passengers.

  44. one way trip from al ghubaiba to dubai marina 2 adults and 2 childrences ,how much ticket price and timing also please send and online ticket if possible?


  46. Dear Sir,

    It is stated that ,i visited RTA Ferry Ticket issuing counter today in marina nd asked to issue a ticket.
    Unfortunately ,The ticket Officer refused to give a ticket saying that “WE CANNOT GIVE TICKET TO A SINGLE PASSENGER UNTILL AND UNLESS 10 PASSENGERS IN FERRY,


    Kindly note that it is very unethical and against the customers s rights to refuse RTA Services to to a customer.
    I am hopefull that ,you will look into the matter and do the needful to protect the cusomers rights in the future.

    Kind Regards

    Dr Haseeb Ahmed

    1. Unfortunately it is the clear policy that the round trips will not proceed unless there are at least 10 passengers. The trips that go from one destination to another will always take place though.

  47. Hi
    Is there is a private service possible for a group of 12 (two families) from Dubai marina whether one way or return? How much roughly it may coat? I’m looking to go during eid holidays

  48. Hi i wolud like to know if there is a ferry from Dubai to Mumbai (India).
    Thank you very much


  49. HI Can We book the tickets in advance as I have 14 pax with me. I need to book it for tomorrow (19th May) at 3pm Marina.

    Please let me know


    1. As far as I am aware the timings are as above – the site will be updated when we are notified of any changes.

  50. Is it ok to take luggage on the ferry? I am moving hotel from the Creek area to Dubai Marina and wanted to take the ferry for a more enjoyable journey than a taxi.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. There is a limited amount of room for luggage on the ferry so I think if you were taking just one case that is not too big then you should be ok.

  51. Does the circular tourist trip from Dubai Marina to Burj al Arab run at 15.00? Above is say that it does in the grid but in the text says that it is only an ‘internal route’ at 15.00.

    what the internal route covers is ambiguous too so clarity on this would be appreciated

  52. Are there any plans to offer ferry service from lets say jebel ali dubai to Sharjah with stops along the way?

  53. @ Lora

    I personally visited Al Ghubaiba Water Bus station 2 weeks back and asked about using the free ferry rides for 2 on Emirates NBD credit card.

    She replied that u need to reach there by 12 PM in order to avail this promotion.

    On providing your card we will issue you the passes.

    Thank you

  54. Hello, we would like to take the ferry tomorrow Saturday 05.03. from Dubai Marina Mall till Creek? Is that possible? Otherwise when does the Marina-Atlantis tour start on a Saturday? Can I also pay by nol card? Thank you!

    1. Yes all trips run 7 days a week so you can take the marina to al ghubaiba trip. You can’t pay by nol card though.

  55. Hi,
    Based on the schedule above, At 5pm there will be
    “Sightseeing circular trips from Al Ghubaiba to Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Marina to Atlantis”.

    I want to know if there is a circular departure from Dubai Marina at 5pm to Jumeirah beach and Atlantis?

    1. All trips are explained on the Routes page. There are circular trips and trips to al Ghubaiba. All trips are 50 dirhams silver class as explained in this site.

  56. Hi,

    I want to know the details about free Dubai ferry rides through Emirates NBD credit card. Bank is sending promotional msgs for the same. Just need confirmation before i go to any station.

    Thanks & Regards

  57. I am planning to Visit Dubai in Feb 18. Any chances that this ride wouldn’t be available. My Travel Agent told the service remains closed in Feb

  58. Hi, I know you’ve had a lot of questions about the round trip ferry.
    But are the 3pm and 5pm round trips the same route. Or does one go to The Burj and the other past the Atlantis. Could you clarify this for me. I find it a bit confusing on their site. It’s not clear.
    Many thanks.

  59. Hi dear admin. Does the trip from Dubai Marina to Burn Al Arab at 3 pm also work on Friday?I mean today.Please,answer ASAP.Thanks.

  60. I am interested in the Dubai Marina Round Trip, marked 2 on the map. As it is not clear, may I know the timings for this trip?
    Thank you.

  61. I want to use a ferry of 11 am at Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina.

    I want to know which places it will cover. Also if I really at Dubai Marina at 12 after one hour. What will the timing of next ferry from Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba???

    Please revert ASAP.

    1. It pretty much just goes along the coastline seeing the Burj al Arab on the way. It may take a bit longer than 1hr – maybe 90 minutes, I guess it depends on sea conditions etc. You can get the 1pm back from the Marina if you want to.

  62. Hi,

    Little confusion. Is there any ferry which will have round trip of all places (Marina,Atlantic,Burj ul Arab, Ghubaiba).

    Like starting point is Marina and then passing through Atlantis and then passing through Burj Al-Arab, then to Ghubaiba and coming back to Marina (which will be end point)
    Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina and Dubai Marina to Al Ghubabiba

  63. could you tell me trip route on 11am ?
    from Ghubaiba to Marina route
    this trip runs to marina station and return ghubaiba ?
    (include passing the Jumeira)
    or just one way?

  64. Dears,
    The ferry from marina that goes to Atlantis, is it only available at 3pm and 5pm? Is it any morning time available?

      1. Hi, v r looking for a ferry trip which starts from Marina n covers Burj Al Arab n Atlantis ? Can you pls suggest what timing is this trip n from where ?
        Also what would be the charges for the tickets and from where do we book them ?
        Can we book in advance ?
        Sorry for so many qts and thanks in advance for your support . Awaiting your reply.
        Best regards,

  65. Hi, Please please tell me a good way to see Atlantis and Burj Al Arab from one ferry. this is very confusing.
    If not both, then a good way to see Atlantis. I need timings for the ferry which will have great view of both or Atlantis. I am guessing it will be 5.00pm tour from Marina. thank you in anticipation for replying.

    1. Yes you are right the 5pm from the Marina goes up to Atlantis but you may not get such a good view of the Burj as you would on the 3pm.

  66. Hi, Please please tell me a good way to see Atlantis and Burj Al Arab from one ferry. this is very confusing.
    If not both, then a good way to see Atlantis. I need timings for the ferry which will have great view of both or Atlantis. I am guessing it will be 5.00pm tour from Marina. thank you in anticipation for replying.

  67. Since I didn’t receive a response I am posting as a separate question. I guess one question if I do the “Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina and Dubai Marina to Al Ghubabiba” tour won’t that cover everything since you have to pass through both Palm, Atlantis and Burj? I am assuming it would be 50 AED one way?

      1. Thank you can you clarify what you mean by “under”. I don’t see how you can get to Dubai Marina without passing by Atlantis right? It would be great if the route maps for all trips were posted knowing that these are subject to change

  68. Is there a way to buy tickets online? Also which tour gives the best view of the Burj and a good overall view of the city? For a first time visitor to Dubai which one would you recommend?

    1. Also I see one tour to the Burj at 3 pm and the 5 pm is to Atlantis. I am having a hard time deciding which one to take since our aim is to get a good view of the city, Burj and Atlantis together. I don’t see a tour map that compares 3 om and the 5 pm from Marina

    2. No you can’t buy tickets online I’m afraid. The Burj trip will give you a better view of the coastline than the trip to Atlantis if that is what you want to see. I’m not sure which part of the city you want to see but I think you would get a better view of most of the city from the top of the Burj khalifa rather than the ferry! You will need to check the route at the time of travelling though as there is a possibility they can change.

      1. Thanks for your replies. The plan was to see a bit of everything :-). I guess one question if I do the “Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina and Dubai Marina to Al Ghubabiba” tour won’t that cover everything since you have to pass through both Palm, Atlantis and Burj? If so is it 50 AED each way?

        1. Hi

          Any input to my comment above? Much appreciated. I am referring to the one at 11, 1 and 6:30 pm. Won’t that tour cover the entire spectrum of the Burj, Atlantis and Palm? That way you don’t have to pick between the other two?

  69. Hi,
    Can you show the route map of the tourist and sightseeing trip from Al Gubaiba? I can see that you have added a map from Marina? A similar one for Al Gubabia, so we can know which one is better?

    1. Hi, I think the general consensus is that the Marina round trip is better if you can get there. I have added a route map for Al Ghubaiba but there is no guarantee that this is correct as the RTA don’t always issue up to date maps when a route changes!

  70. What will be the route of this trip if we start from Al ghubaiba will it cover burj al arab Etc
    3pm Tourist trip from both Al Ghubaiba and Dubai Marina (circular)……

    1. Yes you should get near enough to the Burj al Arab to take some pictures I believe. the trips generally sail up the coastline for half an hour or so and then head back.

  71. Hi. I am a Go 4 it Emirates NBD Card holder and would like to avail of my free ferry bus trip. But upon seeing your timings above, I believe the info provided by NBD to its customers is now invalid. This is what they gave out:
    Round trip from Al Ghubaiba water transport station up to the area close to Burj Al Arab – 2 pm, 2nd Friday of the month.
    Can you please let me know which timings is now considered for this? I’m planning to go this Friday. Thank you.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. If Emirates NBD have confirmed that this is the time of the free trip then they may have set up their own trip for their own customers in addition to the standard trips listed.



        1. Sorry we don’t have an exact location for the Al Mamzar station at present but it is located in the Al Mamzar beach area and services only run on Thursdays and Fridays.



          2. I’m afraid we have not yet visited the Al Mamzar ferry station so we cannot describe the exact location. As you can see it is sometimes difficult to find the right information from the RTA and that is the reason why we set up this site. We will endeavor to visit al Mamzar in the next few weeks.

  73. Dear ladies and gentlemen,
    could you please provide the address of departure of your boats in Dubai Marina ?

  74. Good Afternoon,

    Please could you advise me on using the ferry this evening?

    I would like to go from Dubai Marina to the Creek>

    What time will i be able to take the ferry and where from in the Marina?

    Thankyou kindly.


    1. Times are as per the listings on the routes/timings page – the marina terminal is 500 yards left on exiting the marina Mall

  75. Hi, I want to rent a small ferry for a group of 10 to 12 persons, for a circular trip from Al Ghubaiba station. This is for Thursday October 15.
    Please advise me the options and cost for about 1 hour round trip.


    1. You will need to contact the RTA if you want to solely have the ferry to yourself otherwise why not just use the standard trip?

  76. Hi, I want to know do you have any contract with Emirates NBD regarding the free trips of Dubai Ferry by producing their credit card on weekends?

    Kindly update . Thanks

    1. Hi, I believe the free offer is only available on one Friday every month but you will need to contact Emirates NBD for more details.

      1. Hi, Will u plz let me know the sight seeing trip from Al Ghubaiba to Marina starts at what time and also let me know if its a single trip or return trip. If you can explore the sight seeing place which will be covered during the trip will be helpful to understand better.

        1. Trip times are as above – the sightseeing trip allows you to see points of interest from the boat and then returns to the original starting point. The trips that run from Marina to Al Ghubaiba and vice versa are one way so to get back you will need to buy another ticket to return.

  77. First and foremost, thank you for being so responsive.
    May I ask you where exactly is the Dubai Marina station..because I have been very few times in Dubai and I am not sure I will be able to easily locate it. Also, how early do you think I should start lining up during the Eid break?

  78. Hi the dubai marina round trip to atlantis and back towards marina (the circular) does it run every day? im thinking of taking it on friday at 5pm . will it run on friday also. Thanks

  79. Will the 5pm Ferry from Dubai Marina(Circular) drop you back at Dubai Marina? By Circular it means back to the origin of journey?

  80. Can tickets be bought in advance online? Or only on sight for the Sightseeing trip from both Al Ghubaiba and Dubai Marina (circular)?

  81. Hello!

    I am interested in taking the ferry from Marina to Al Gubaiba at 11am.
    How long does the trip take? Also an hour like the excursions or longer? Just need to know the times because I’d like to visit the gold souk right after the ferry and then catch a flight at 15h30.

    Thank you for your information!

  82. lease let me know the exact location of DUBAI MARINA Terminal from where the Dubai ferry starts and to buy the tickets.

  83. We will be in Dubai on Friday, October 23, 2015. We would like to take the13:00 ferry from Marina Mall to Al Ghubaiba. Does it run on Friday, October 23?

  84. ola gostaria de saber preços dos bilhetes para 3 pessoas de marina mall ate ghubaiba de ida e retorno para setembro de 2015…

  85. Hi! Which day and what time to start a tour from Dubai Marina for the trip around the Palm Island?
    Thank you! Sorry for my english

    1. Hi Gabriella, I’m sorry but there seems to be conflicting information about this. On the RTA route map (and from my experience) the ferry from the Marina runs along the coast and does not go out to Atlantis, but there is also a map showing a route to Atlantis and back. I think you would need to go to the ticket office and confirm if they are still running a route to Atlantis and if so what time.

  86. Hi

    Can you provide cost of tickets from Ghubaiba to Marina for both Gold Class and Silver Class?

    Thanks in advance for the support.


  87. Hello I am inquiring about the ferry trip from Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba. I noticed it on the Ferry Board routes but cannot find any information regarding the times and cost. I believe it leaves Dubai Marina only on Fridays at 11am. Could you please confirm with the cost of the trip for one adult. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Lisa, unless they have added a new route recently the ferry goes either from the marina or al ghubaiba and then comes back to the same place. It is more of a tourist round trip than an actual ferry that takes you somewhere!

      1. Thank you. I will go to kiosk to find out more details. As there is definately one on the route board that is one way. But I think it only runs once a week on fridays.

  88. Hi,
    I would like to buy 2 gold class tickets for 11 Sep (tomorrow) for the Marina tour. What is the 1st departure? And where can I buy the tickets?
    Thank you

    1. Hi and sorry for the delay in replying but for anyone else who has the same question, tickets can be bought as you get on the boat and timings are shown here on the website under ‘Dubai Ferry Routes’

  89. Hi,

    Can you please confirm how can I utilize my EmiratesNBD Go4it card, as I heard that I can get free tickets for dubai ferry.
    I have a wife and 2 kids, want to enjoy this service 🙂

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