Dubai Ferry Tickets New Years Eve 2016/17

Tickets are available from today for New Years Eve special sailings to view the fireworks.

There are three sailings from the Marina, Al Ghubaiba  and Dubai water Canal stations.

Boarding  starts at 8:30 PM and the ferry leaves at 9 PM. It returns at 1:30 AM.

Prices are 300 dirhams for silver class and 450 dirhams for gold class.

Prices for children aged between two and 10 years old will be 50% of the adult price.  Children under two travel free.

There will be no seating on the ferry.

You can book your tickets from the relevant marine station from today or you can phone the RTA on 800 9090 or mobile number 056-2190276 for more information.

Tickets for New Year usually sell out very very quickly so you are advised to get yours as soon as possible if you wish to travel on these special trips.

28 thoughts on “Dubai Ferry Tickets New Years Eve 2016/17”

    1. Yes you should be able to see the the fireworks but note that some people who went on this trip last year had some negative feedback so it may not be for everyone as you are sat on a boat for quite a few hours!

  1. I want to book the ticket for new year eve
    I have contacted the given mobile nr but he advise me to contact RTA on 8009090 unfortunately there was no option to book a ticket please help

    1. Hi, in order to book the tickets you need to go to the departure point of your choice and buy the tickets from the ticket office there.

  2. Are there any tickets left for the water bus instead of the ferry?
    I was told the price for those tickets is 100AED per person

  3. I’ve called RTA and they have confirmed seating for 100 available on the ferry – I’d have thought the administrator for this site would have clarified the situation instead of leaving it to the customers!!

    1. I was on the Dubai marina trip on new years Eve and was extremelt disappointed . Far too drawn out for the firework show with not much value for miney. There were 6 of us so a v exoensive waste if a few hours on new years eve. ?

  4. I have booked 2 tickets of AED 300 each for the new year eve ferry from Marina.
    From 9 PM to 1.30 AM it is 4.5 hours.
    Is there a washroom on board?
    What shall we be doing from 9 PM to 12 before the fireworks?
    Any meal or water/drinks included in the ticket?

    1. Yes there is a washroom on board. There are usually refreshments to purchase on board but I am not sure if they are included in the ticket.
      The time before is to take in the sights and cruise to the location where you can view the fireworks.

  5. Hi, I’m italian and i want to book 2 tickets for new year’s eve, how can i do it? we will arrive wednesday 28th of december. Can you help us? thank you.

    1. Hi, unfortunately the tickets need to be bought from the marine station that you are departing from so unless you know somebody locally you might be out of luck as the tickets will likely be sold by 28 December.

  6. I just called at the number given above and the guy told me there are seats available on the ferry. You can sit. Not sure why things are contradicting between them.

    1. I was advised that there is no seating. When the RTA hire out the ferry for parties and such like they take out the seats so that there is additional capacity and I imagine that is what they have done this time, so yes you may need to stand for the whole time.

      1. Thanks for the prompt response. Can you please confirm that there is no seating? I am worried for my mother who is old and can’t stand for that long. Please confirm if there is any seating in Gold class or silver class?

        Many thanks

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