Dubai Ferry – New Years Eve 2017/18

dubai ferry new year 2017/18
The RTA runs ferry trips at New Year to see the fireworks in Dubai
New Years Eve

Every year the RTA run special ferry trips for New Years Eve to enable passengers to get a good view of the festivities that are happening over the Emirate and in particular the fireworks at the various venues. We expect there to be trips run on Dubai Ferry on New Years Eve 2017/18.


Tickets for these New Year ferry trips often sell out very fast and we get many queries on this website about how and when people can buy tickets for New Years Eve in Dubai.

However, it has been the case for the last few years (in fact for as long as these trips have been running) that the RTA only release information about the New Year ferry trips in the week before the date.

Tickets usually have to be purchased from the departure point or there is a number you can call to book.

We currently do not have the information for the Dubai Ferry for New Years Eve 2018/19 but we will update the site as soon as we can with details.

Last Year

This is the information from last year (2016/17)  which may or may not be the same for this year:

There are three sailings from the Marina, Al Ghubaiba  and Dubai water Canal stations.

Boarding  starts at 8:30 PM and the ferry leaves at 9 PM. It returns at 1:30 AM.

Prices are 300 dirhams for silver class and 450 dirhams for gold class.

Prices for children aged between two and 10 years old will be 50% of the adult price.  Children under two travel free.

There will be no seating on the ferry.

You can book your tickets from the relevant marine station from today or you can phone the RTA on 800 9090 or mobile number 056-2190276 for more information.


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