Dubai Ferry Tickets

There are two types of tickets available on the Dubai Ferry depending on which class you choose to travel in – silver or gold class.

Ticket Prices

Route Ticket Price – Silver Ticket Price – Gold
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Dubai Marina Circular Trip 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba Circular Trip 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Canal Station or Vice Versa

Dubai Marina to Dubai Canal Station or Vice Versa

25 Dirhams 35 Dirhams

There is also a family ticket bundle available as follows:

Touristic Trips Ticket Price – Silver Ticket Price – Gold
Family Bundle (2 adults and 2 children) 140 Dirhams 210 Dirhams

Dubai Water Canal

There is a separate ticket schedule for travel on the Dubai Water Canal route that goes from one end of the canal to the other – the ticket price here depends on how many stations are travelled.

There is also a circular route from Sheikh Zayed Road Marine Transport Station.

Number of Stations Ticket Price – Silver Ticket Price – Gold
1 15 Dirhams 25 Dirhams
2 25 Dirhams 35 Dirhams
3 35 Dirhams 50 Dirhams
4 45 Dirhams 60 Dirhams
Entire Route 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
1hr Circular trip from Sheikh Zayed Road Station 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams

Gold Class
The gold class (of which there are 14 seats) is at the front of the boat in a separate area with more comfortable seats.

Silver Class
The Silver class seats (of which there are 84)  are in the main body of the boat and from here you also have access to the outside area at the back of the boat. Gold Class customers can also use this area if they wish.

The exterior area of the ferry which is accessible from the Silver Class cabin.
The exterior area of the ferry which is accessible from the Silver Class cabin.

Children under 5 years old travel for free on the Dubai Ferry. Children aged 5 years or over pay the full adult ticket price. It is possible to use a pushchair on the Dubai Ferry.

Buying Tickets

You can buy your Dubai Ferry Tickets at the ferry terminus (each one has its own ticket office right next to where the ferry departs) and they can be paid for by either cash or debit or credit card. You can’t at present book tickets for the Dubai Ferry in advance or online, you need to go and buy them at the time of sailing.

The tourist trips run for around an hour so this is a quite good value for a tour of the Dubai coastline.

There are also two spaces available for wheelchair users in the silver class area of the ferry.

The Dubai Ferry is also available for private hire – contact the RTA on 800 9090 for further information.

292 thoughts on “Dubai Ferry Tickets”

  1. Hi, I want a ferry trip today (29 Aug) with my family(4 adults, one under 12 and two infants under 3 years).
    Can u please tell me which options/ tours are available for us for today
    Thank you

  2. Hi, Kindly clarify the routing of touristic trips covered by Family Bundle. Is it applicable for the 1hr Circular trip from Sheikh Zayed Road Station?

  3. Hi Dears,

    is there any way to book tickets online? as we are from AUH and we need to book our tickets in advance.

    thanks in advance and Eid Mubarak

    1. Eid Mubarak!
      I have highlighted the relevant paragraph above – you can’t buy tickets online at present I’m afraid.

  4. Dear Admin,

    I want to take a ferry from dubai canal station to dubai marina. Is that possible? If so, what is the latest time I can take this trip?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Admin,
    I am currently EmiratesNBD Go4it Gold Card holder and as per them, i can avail a free ride on Friday. Is that true?

  6. Dear admin,
    I’d like to take Dubai Marina Circular Trip from Marina stop.
    what’s the earliest trip i can take ?
    I’m going with few elderly passenger, do we need to change boat in between?

  7. Hi,
    we are two adults and two kids between two to ten years,we want to visit dubai marina circular trip.we want to know can we purchase the tickets online or do we need to come to the point,if so where is the point of contact and what are the timings?

    1. All of this information is on the website! No, you can’t currently book tickets online. Check out the Routes page for locations. Tickets are purchased at the booth at point of departure.

  8. Iam with family coming from Abu Dhabi .Can you please suggest which is best place where we can park the car and go for entire route on Dubai ferry

    1. You will need to check all of the timings to see if you can cover the entire route if that is what you want to do. There is some parking at Dubai Canal Station as well as at Marina Mall if you want to go from there and a big car park near the Safa Park Marine Transport Station (near the W hotel).

  9. Hi,

    We are hoping to do a Dubai Marina Circular Trip with 4 adults and 3 children (ages 6,7 and 9).
    Do you have family packages ?
    If not how much would it cost please? We would like Gold class.

    1. Sorry there are no family packages at present. You can see all of the prices above including the fact that children aged 2-10 years travel at 50% of the adult ticket price.

  10. Is it possible to ride on the outside at the front of the ferry on the trip from Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina?

    1. According to the RTA “Disabled people travel free-of-charge on Dubai Buses and Metro” so I would say that no, the ferry is not free but I have not confirmed this.

  11. Hi there,
    I want to take the ferry from dubai marina to Dubai water canal and back to Marina. Is that possible? If yes the ticket just to get there will be 50 AED, and to get back pay another extra 50 right?
    Thanks in advance

  12. Hi,

    I am planning to go from Dubai Marina with my parents today,
    1/Can you please tell me what time can I board the last ferry from Marina and will it be bringing me back to Marina?

    2/Will this ferry also go to Dubai canal or I will have to change some where?

    3/What is the ticket cost per person?

    Thanks for your prompt response.


  13. Hai, me and family planning to visit dubai on 28/3/17. Could you please let us know wich is the best route for us to enjoy the water kanal experience? We are 2 Adult and 2 children age of 2 and 7 years, wish to know the price also. We are staying near Jumairah Beach so which is the nearest port for us. Thanks

    1. Hi, prices are all shown above. Jumeirah Beach covers a wide area so it depends where you are (JBR or nearer the corniche?). If you want to see the canal you can choose to go from any of the stops along that route (see the routes page) and the price depends on the number of stops. If you want to see the waterfall light up then it is best to go on the last trip of the 3 when it is dark.

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