Dubai Ferry Tickets

There are two types of tickets available on the Dubai Ferry depending on which class you choose to travel in – silver or gold class.

Ticket Prices

Route Ticket Price – Silver Ticket Price – Gold
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Dubai Marina Circular Trip 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba Circular Trip 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Canal Station or Vice Versa

Dubai Marina to Dubai Canal Station or Vice Versa

25 Dirhams 35 Dirhams

From November 2016 further ticket options are available on journeys taken along the Dubai Water Canal depending on how many stations you travel to as follows:

Number of Stations Ticket Price – Silver Ticket Price – Gold
1 15 Dirhams 25 Dirhams
2 25 Dirhams 35 Dirhams
3 35 Dirhams 50 Dirhams
4 45 Dirhams 60 Dirhams
Entire Route 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams

Gold Class
The gold class (of which there are 14 seats) is at the front of the boat in a separate area with more comfortable seats.

Silver Class
The Silver class seats (of which there are 84)  are in the main body of the boat and from here you also have access to the outside area at the back of the boat. Gold Class customers can also use this area if they wish.

The exterior area of the ferry which is accessible from the Silver Class cabin.
The exterior area of the ferry which is accessible from the Silver Class cabin.

Children can travel at a reduced price on the Dubai Ferry. If they are aged between 2 and 10 then ticket prices are 50% of the adult price. Children under the age of 2 travel for free. It is possible to use a pushchair on the Dubai Ferry.

You can buy your Dubai Ferry Tickets at the ferry terminus (each one has its own ticket office right next to where the ferry departs) and they can be paid for by either cash or debit or credit card. You can’t at present book tickets for the Dubai Ferry in advance or online, you need to go and buy them at the time of sailing.

The tourist trips run for around an hour so this is a quite good value for a tour of the Dubai coastline.

There are also two spaces available for wheelchair users in the silver class area of the ferry.

The Dubai Ferry is also available for private hire – contact the RTA on 800 9090 for further information.

277 thoughts on “Dubai Ferry Tickets”

  1. Dear admin,
    I’d like to take Dubai Marina Circular Trip from Marina stop.
    what’s the earliest trip i can take ?
    I’m going with few elderly passenger, do we need to change boat in between?

  2. Hi,
    we are two adults and two kids between two to ten years,we want to visit dubai marina circular trip.we want to know can we purchase the tickets online or do we need to come to the point,if so where is the point of contact and what are the timings?

    1. All of this information is on the website! No, you can’t currently book tickets online. Check out the Routes page for locations. Tickets are purchased at the booth at point of departure.

  3. Iam with family coming from Abu Dhabi .Can you please suggest which is best place where we can park the car and go for entire route on Dubai ferry

    1. You will need to check all of the timings to see if you can cover the entire route if that is what you want to do. There is some parking at Dubai Canal Station as well as at Marina Mall if you want to go from there and a big car park near the Safa Park Marine Transport Station (near the W hotel).

  4. Hi,

    We are hoping to do a Dubai Marina Circular Trip with 4 adults and 3 children (ages 6,7 and 9).
    Do you have family packages ?
    If not how much would it cost please? We would like Gold class.

    1. Sorry there are no family packages at present. You can see all of the prices above including the fact that children aged 2-10 years travel at 50% of the adult ticket price.

  5. Is it possible to ride on the outside at the front of the ferry on the trip from Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina?

    1. According to the RTA “Disabled people travel free-of-charge on Dubai Buses and Metro” so I would say that no, the ferry is not free but I have not confirmed this.

  6. Hi there,
    I want to take the ferry from dubai marina to Dubai water canal and back to Marina. Is that possible? If yes the ticket just to get there will be 50 AED, and to get back pay another extra 50 right?
    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi,

    I am planning to go from Dubai Marina with my parents today,
    1/Can you please tell me what time can I board the last ferry from Marina and will it be bringing me back to Marina?

    2/Will this ferry also go to Dubai canal or I will have to change some where?

    3/What is the ticket cost per person?

    Thanks for your prompt response.


  8. Hai, me and family planning to visit dubai on 28/3/17. Could you please let us know wich is the best route for us to enjoy the water kanal experience? We are 2 Adult and 2 children age of 2 and 7 years, wish to know the price also. We are staying near Jumairah Beach so which is the nearest port for us. Thanks

    1. Hi, prices are all shown above. Jumeirah Beach covers a wide area so it depends where you are (JBR or nearer the corniche?). If you want to see the canal you can choose to go from any of the stops along that route (see the routes page) and the price depends on the number of stops. If you want to see the waterfall light up then it is best to go on the last trip of the 3 when it is dark.

  9. Hi,

    Could you please confirm if the ferry is still operational from Marina to Ghubaiba at 11 am and 1 pm ?
    Also is the marina ferry terminal at the Marina mall ?


    1. I think it would probably be at the discretion of the people who were working on the ferry but I expect they would let you on if it wasn’t going to take up too much space or cause a hazard by blocking walkways.

    1. just near ghubaiba metro station….. while walking through ghubaiba metro station to abra side this you will find in the center….. when you will go there you will find easily

      1. Dear Admin,

        I just open my bank account with Emirates NBD and in my debit card they offer me Free RTA Dubai Ferrt every friday for 02 adults and 2 children . So can i utilize this offer any other day or not?

  10. Hi
    I have a Emirates NBD platinum go4it credit card, I could see as part of there offers I can use the Dubai ferry on Fridays at 2:30 for free along with 1 person.
    Request you to confirm the same.
    Do I need to take any prior approval ?

    Thanks & regards,

      1. Hi there,
        Please could you tell me if it is possible to get on the ferry at Marasi today at 18.35 towards Dubai Canal Station and then get back onto the ferry at Dubai Canal Station at 19.35? And do we need our Nol cards to pay for the tickets?

  11. Hi,

    I am planning to go via ferry from Al ghubaiba to Marina.
    On route i am able to have a view of Al-Arab and Atlantis?

    I checked the route on website but little consfused. It will be great if you can help me.

  12. Hi.
    Can we buy a round trip ticket online ?
    We will be in Dubai from 25th to 30th & were planning to book it beforehand for 29th Jan.

    Thank You.

  13. Hi, thank you for the very informative website on the ferry! I would like to check with you if the 3pm circular route from the Dubai Marina to the Burj Al Arab is any different than the 5pm circular route Dubai Marina to Atlantis? If it is different, where can I find a picture of the route?

    How early on the day of departure should I be at the Dubai Marina to purchase the tickets for the 3pm and 5pm circular route to from the Marina?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes if you check out the routes page there is a map showing the 5pm route whereas the 3pm route goes ‘under’ the Palm and more along the shoreline.

      1. Hi ,

        I got few silver tickets of Dubai Ferry and I need to use in future on my off days, so is there any send email for confirmation or we can go directly to the counter plz advise me.

        1. I’m not sure what you mean by you have silver ferry tickets as tickets can only be bought on the day at the time of travel. Do you have a silver Nol card? If so these can’t be used to buy ferry tickets at present.

          1. I’m sorry I don’t have any information on those tickets so it would probably be best to call the RTA on 800 9090.

  14. Hi!
    Children ticket price in this page is incorrect. We went from Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba yesterday and we had to pay full price for our 8year-old. Trip itself was great though!!

      1. Ok, anyway we did. Also after specifically asking about price for children as per your web page.
        Maybe ticket sales personnel needs more info on this?

        Kind Regards,

        1. I went to the Water Canal Station and they said that tickets for children were full price from there (to Al Ghubaiba and the Marina I believe) but should be half price from those 2 stations so maybe there has been a miscommunication in the RTA somewhere.

  15. I want to take a trip from al gubaiba to dubai marina but wanted to know that which would be the closest metro station post that trip to return home.

  16. Hi,

    I am interested in taking a ferry trip from Dubai Marina to Atlantis. Can you let me know which is the closets metro station to Dubai Marina ferry stop and is it walking distance.

    As mentioned the trip is at 5 p.m daily

    1. The closest Metro is Damac station (formerly Dubai Marina) – yes it is within walking distance, just go through the Marina Mall and turn left.

  17. Can the tickets be purchased ahead of time?
    I have guests coming in to Dubai and want to take them for a cruise from Dubai Marina around Atlantis and back this coming 29th

  18. Hi. I wanna know about Emirates nbd deal upon dubai ferry that is the free ride on every friday, i need to know exactly what i need to do to get this option

  19. Hi,
    We are planning a ferry ride for our group of 150 pax in Feb 2017 and we were told that the ferry ticket for Feb 2017 has been increased. Can you please confirm ?

      1. Hi ,

        Any update on the offers for NYE ? it is already 19th of Dec , and it would help know if someone wants to make plans for a large group .

        1. No details as of yet. If you have a large group you would probably be better off with a private charter, perhaps even using the water taxi. Contact the RTA on 800 9090 for water taxi hire.

          1. Hi, i contacted RTA for a private charter 2 weeks ago , they said that basically you would need to buy all the tickets for a whole ferry, and when i asked how much a ticket would be for gold and silver for 31st dec, they said they don’t know yet. So basically i did not get any usefull feedback.

  20. we are Family of 13 person wish to take ferry trip from Al Ghubaiba to Marina on ( 8 Adult + 5 kids)
    how much would cost and is there any specific rates for more that 10 person?

    1. Ticket prices are as per above (check the section on children for prices for them) there are no discounts for groups currently.

  21. hi there,
    can you please let me know the correct ticket price for adult as the website is saying 50ADE whereas the older posts mentioned above says 250ADE for Sliver!

      1. Hi

        How can I stay updated on ferry for new year as it appears details get issued late in Dec and tckets get sold out quickly.

        Do we have any information about route, boarding station? Also would they allow 1 year old baby on board?

        Thank you

        1. You can subscribe to updates on this website from the home page – choose the category ‘Special Events’ and as soon as we have details we will post them. Yes, babies are allowed aboard the ferry.

  22. Hi,

    how much is it for around 20 people to do the New Year 2016/17 boat trip around the Marina with a meal?


  23. Hi,

    Does the ferry have any plans to have a new route on the canal? I am interesting in booking once this opens up for tourist travel and sightseeing.

  24. Is this Ferry running on Nov 29 2016?
    Is this a round trip ?
    Price ?
    Al Ghubaiba Station to Dubai Marina Mall Station and vice versa 11:00 am or 1:00 pm – 1 hour 20 Minutes

    We are 8 Person

  25. Hi, i have Emirates NBD Goforit Platinum credit card. My bank says “Free rides on Dubai Ferry”. Can you please give me the full details to avail this offer?.. Thanks

  26. i want to book a boat capacity around 40-50 people .
    time 2-5
    pick up will be from Bur dubai – MArina
    and MArina – Bur Dubai
    kindly let me know the price

  27. Dear Admin,

    We are family of 4 people and interested to see NYE 2016 through RTA Ferry. Can you please let me know if tickets are available or sold out?


        1. Yes you get a free ride every 2nd Friday (although another reader has posted that it is every 1st Friday too) at 2.30pm from Al Ghubaiba. Check with Emirates NBD for further details.

  28. We were told yesterday that dubai marina to al ghubsiba gold class costs 75 dirhams. Is that price for a return back to the marina?

      1. Hi Admin .. I am trying to reach you over phone. But couldn’t connect bcz of your system upgrade. May i know Ferry tickets are still available for NYE2106 ?

  29. Hi,

    We are a couple with 8 year old kid willing to celebrate the NYE on board with you. Would you have any information on where we could buy the tickets?

    1. Apparently you can now purchase your ticket at Dubai Marina & Al Ghubaiba Ferry Station counter…Ticket price : GOLD ADULT= AED 375, SILVER ADULT = AED 250 & KIDS FARE 50% DISCOUNT from 2 years old above to 10 years old – thanks to one of our readers for this information.

  30. Good morning

    I’m planning a sigthseen of Dubai from the sea. Where should I get off if I want to go to sea Deira, gold souk, spice souk?

  31. We are a couple with 4 children ready to celebrate NYE on board with you . Our flight arrives in Dubai at 20:30 on December 31 Can we get an update to the ticket booking possible once the information is available by e-mail ?
    Did they can book in advance or tickets will be sold at the point on the basis of first come ?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, the ticket details are usually announced only a few days before the New Year trip, however this could change this year. As soon as we have the news we will post it. If you want to be informed as soon as news is posted then you can subscribe to the news announcements from the menu on the right hand side of the page.

    2. Announcement you can purchase now your ticket at Dubai Marina & Al Ghubaiba Ferry Station counter…Ticket price : GOLD ADULT= AED 375, SILVER ADULT = AED 250 & KIDS FARE 50% DISCOUNT from 2 years old above to 10 years old.

  32. Hi,

    We are a couple with 14 year old kid willing to celebrate the NYE on board with you. Can we get an update for the possible booking of tickets once information available by email?
    Can one book in advance or tickets will be sold at the spot on base first come first served?

  33. Hi there:

    We would like to book a New Year’s Eve ferry for two people. Do you have details on this yet?

    Abdullah and Toni

  34. Hi would like to know the ferry f2 route details whether the charge 50 dhms is round trip for atlantis route and the timings in which this trip is available as my brothers family visiting from usa for short visit to dubai and they want to know about the charge for marina to ghubaiba will cover all famous places whichnroutemis advisable for their short visit since stay is for 72 hours only thanks.

  35. 1. Is it free for emirates nbd go4it credit card holders?
    2. How many people can travel with one emirates nbd go4it credit card?
    3. If itz free how many times we can travel in a month?

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. card holders get one free trip a month I believe. I’m not sure if you can take a free passenger, you will need to contact Emirates NBD to check.

  36. Hi..
    What are the latest timings for the Dubai Marina round trip and what the ones for the ferry from Marina to Ghubaiba?

    Thank you!

  37. Hi – i read that gold class seats are more nicer and are in closed area in the frontside of ferry. does the gold class seats have access to outside ?

    1. They don’t have their own outside area but you can walk through the silver class cabin and go outside at the back with everyone else.

  38. Hi
    I believe it would be a great trip from Ghubaiba to marina.
    I am thinking to try it tomorrow but I have some questions:
    1- is the ticket one way or return?
    2- what is the difference between silver and gold?
    3- is there an afternoon trip from Ghubaiba to marina and back?and what is the estimated time ?
    4- is it air conditioned ?

    1. 1. One way
      2. gold class tickets are for the nicer seats in a closed in area at the front of the boat. Silver class is in the main cabin with access outside.
      3. Yes, check the timings/routes page for info.
      4. Yes

      1. I would like to book in for my family for a round trip from Dubai Marina Mall covering Altantis and back to Marina Mall.

        Can you assist me in making the booking for eight people, we have scehduled to have this trip on this coming Friday or Saturday.

        1. Hi, unfortunately you can’t prebook tickets so you will just need to go and buy the tickets at the time of your selected departure.

  39. Hi there,

    My family and I will be staying at the Dubai Marina over the forthcoming Christmas & New year period.
    Please can you advise if there will be any ferry trips running on New Years eve (2015/2016) to view the fireworks and the approximate price per ticket?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi, unfortunately the RTA does not release this kind of information until a few days before the event, sorry.

      1. Does this sell out right away? If so, when will you know the exact date it starts selling? Very keen to book a ferry for NYE and don’t want to miss out!

        Also, do you know what the approximate price was last year?


        1. They usually only announce it a few days before and then it does sell out pretty quickly. Tickets last year were 200 dirhams.

    1. This ferry does not take that route. You May be able to get a commercial ferry that does but I’m sorry we can’t help you with that as we don’t have that information.

  40. Hi Admin
    We are a group of 12 (8 adults & 4 children aged between 9 & 12) would like to go for a round trip from Dubai Marina back to Marina on 8th May 2015, please let me know the ticket price, timing and duration of trip

  41. Dear Admin
    I got few questions. If you could please answer.
    1. Are all options available on Friday?
    2. Is there any difference of routes of ferry running at 3 and 5?
    3. Which route it follows for circular trip? Is it complete circular package and open for all (any one can board)?
    4. What route it takes from Al Mamzar? And where we need to go for Al Mamzar boarding? Is it in same price?

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying.
      1. Yes
      2. Good question, they are described in different ways but I am not certain what differences there are, sorry.
      3. yes anyone can go on the circular trips, they hug the coastline for half and hour or so and then head back to port.
      4. I will be adding maps of the locations of the ports shortly. yes, it’s the same price from Al Mamzar.

  42. Evening Admin,

    I was wondering if it is possible to book a return trip from Al Ghubaiba to Abu Dhabi?

    I have been using the Inter Emirate Bus but would love to travel by water. Let me know if there is any way.

    Thanks. Cheers!

  43. Would like to go for the Dubai Marica Cruise this evening at 5 pm. Please let me know if I would get tickets if I turn up 20 mins before the trip.

  44. We will be in Dubai for the day on Friday 23rd October, a day stop on our cruise.
    Does the ferry run on Fridays?
    If so is the stop close to the cruise ship port?

    1. Hi, yes the ferry does run on Fridays. The Al Ghubaiba station is not far from the cruise terminal. There is a circular route that runs from there at 3pm for 60-75 minutes or there is a route that runs from there to Dubai Marina at 11am or 1pm. If you got that one way trip then you could get the Metro back to Al Ghubaiba from Dubai Marina.

      1. Our cruise ship sails at 5pm so we would need to be back on board by 4pm so it looks like we will only have the one way option at 11am or 1pm. Am I correct in thinking that the Metro does not start until 2pm on Fridays?

        When you refer to the Al Ghubaiba station is that a Metro Station or Ferry Stop?

        How far is the walk from the cruise ship to the Ferry stop?

        1. The Metro starts at 1pm on Fridays so you could take the 11am ferry and come back by Metro or else you could come back by the 1pm ferry from the Marina. There is both a Metro station and the ferry stop at Al Ghubaiba within 1 minutes walk of each other. I’m not sure how far the walk is from the Cruise terminal as I have not been there but it looks pretty close on the map (maybe 15 minutes I would guess – assuming there is a route that you can walk) otherwise you could just pick up a taxi.

  45. One more question. Could I buy ticket for 6.30 Ferry a day in advance or at 1.00pm on same day?? Kindly advice.


  46. Hi, would you please let me know if ticket charges for round trip are different than one way ticket from marina mall to gubaiba station? if so, how much is for round trip at 3.00 pm and how much time does it take?

  47. Hi Admin, I am about to visit dubai with my wife. A friend of mine told me about this ferry trip in dubai, where there is dinner served on the ferry deck, drinks etc and he told me that its a good romantic experience.

    Pls tell give me details. Thankx

    1. Hi Khan, this is not the trip you are looking for. If you go down to the Creek of an evening you will find lots of boats that run trips around the creek including dinner. This is very only runs during the day and early evening.

  48. Hi,
    where will I find the ferry tickets at the Ghubaiba water station? And is it necessary that the ferry won’t run at 11am any day if there are less than 10 people on board?

    1. The ticket office is only a few metres from where the ferry leaves, someone will direct you if needs be. The only services that don’t run with less than 11 passengers are the circular ones so you will be OK with the 11am sailing.

  49. Can I travel with the ferry from Dubai Marina to the Dubai Creek? When? Is the cost the same for all trips (AED50 pP). ? I assume that “11am Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina and Dubai Marina to Al Ghubabiba”. means exactly what I look for, but I am not sure.. Please inform while I am still in Dubai (6 days)
    Kind regards
    Hans Gunddy

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying, yes you can take the ferry from the Marina to Al Ghubaiba as you state and silver class for that trip is 50 dirhams. Hope you managed to sort it!

  50. Hello again!We want to use the Ferry in 02/01/2015-Friday 11am from Al Gubaiba.Is the working time is the same,like another days or is differante?

  51. Hi I would like to book tickets on gold class December 31st evening 2014. Please let me know is there any advance booking available for the same.

  52. Hi I just want to inquire where can I buy the ticket for gold class for the RTA ferry boat ride going to atlantis. And what are the timing schedule. Thank you so much and more power.

  53. Hi,

    I am visiting Dubai for new year 2014. I was hoping to book a trip online ahead of time to ensure I get the ticket. I have my 4 year old son with me.
    Am looking for 6.30 pm, 31st dec, 2014 ferry trip for the Dubai Marina Mall – Al Ghubaiba route.

    Would you be kind to responde on my options to book this ticket in advance.I live in USA. If booking ca be made via phone, please provide me with the full phone number with the international code. I see the website states – 8009090, but not sure what the area code to dial.

    Thank You

  54. Hello – I am coming with my wife to Dubai for New Year and have read that the Dubai Ferry has silver class tickets for Dhh150 per person for a special round trip to view the new world record attempt firework display. Is it possible to purchase these tickets in advance please as we are arriving on the morning of the 31st December 2014 which will leave little time to purchase them in person. I really hope you will be able to assist me in purchasing these tickets as I would love to surprise my wife and have the best view of a wonderful event.

    Many thanks for your kind assistance.

      1. Hi admin,
        You see so many people are interesting in buying in advance ticket for ferry during New Year eve 2015, me too. Also with children… Could you please help to clarify, will such NY eve trip be organized and how we get tickets. Thanks a lot for your help

  55. Hi, There. About the cruise on the evening of December 31 to enjoy the fireworks of Burj Al Arab and The Palm, has anything been announced for this year? Thank you.

  56. The ferry seems to be accessible for someone in a wheelchair, is it correct and should we contact the Ferry before planning to take it?

  57. i have personal guests visiting dubai.i would like to treat them to a marina cruise on nov 13th at 11am
    kindly suggest itinerary and costs for 45pax

    1. This info is already on the site but it’s to the left as you come out of Dubai Marina Mall, just walk around the bend for a couple of minutes.

  58. dear customers: please call me before going to take a trip. we change routes according to conditions. current updates at 04-3961947 thanks

  59. Hey. You guys have some cruise on the evening of December 31 to enjoy the fireworks of Burj Al Arab and The Palm? If you instruct me how to get the value and reservations program. Thank you.

  60. Hi, I want to book a road special New year, is available for booking now? Is possible to book online or phoning withe credit card?thansk

    1. Sorry I am not sure what a ‘road special new year’ means. You will need to contact the RTA for bookings.

  61. Pl. let me know whether I need to book tickets for tour at 8 pm on 25th April 2014,and also let me know how i will book ticket cash on delivery?

  62. Pl. let me know whether I need to book tickets for tour at 6 pm from Dubai Marina on 21st March in advance or I can purchase these at ferry terminal on that day.

    Lalit Dua

  63. I was wondering if you could please let me know exactly where to buy the tickets for this from and how to get there from Dubai marina mall? And the times it’s likely to run on a Friday? Thank you.

    1. Hi fareena and sorry for the delay in replying. You get tickets from the ferry terminal when you board. Come out of Dubai Marina Mall and turn left, go round the corner and you will see the ferry station, it’s not very far at all. Timings are listed on the website.

      1. That is a useful map thanks sanu, now that the RTA have changed the route to go from Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina and vice versa at 11am each day.

    1. we are Family of 12 person wish to take ferry trip from Al Ghubaiba to Marina on 27th December at 5pm

      tour to visit : man made island etc…
      Kindly advice how to purchase the ticket in advance.


        1. Hi…what about the price of al gubaiba to dubai marina…for return trip .. i saw here its 50 aed but i m confuse that 50 aed is for al gubaiba to dubai marna one way only .or for return also

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