The Dubai Ferry is a relatively recent addition to the Emirate’s expanding public and tourist transport system and is being constantly improved and expanded.

In the last few years Dubai has seen the opening of the Dubai Metro, the Palm Monorail and last year the Dubai Tram also opened to the public.

In most countries the term ‘ferry’ would imply a boat that takes you from one place to another for more of a public transport purpose. However, although the Dubai Ferry is run by the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority), the Ferry is more of a tourist trip as there are four trips that are run on the Dubai Ferry that start at the ferry station, tour round areas of local interest, and return to the same station, with each trip lasting for an hour.

Dubai FerryAdded to that they have introduced routes that goes from one port to another to increase the appeal of the ferry and they are now looking to increase the more ‘functional’ routes with some ferry services that will go through Business Bay and Al Jadaf.

There are a number of stations served by the Dubai Ferry at either end of Dubai in Al Ghubaiba, Dubai Marina and also some stations running through the Dubai Water Canal.

The ferry runs multiple times a day from each location, for a duration of an hour (frequency and times change often so check out the routes page for more info) and the boats are designed for comfort with a snack bar on board and facilities for two classes of passenger as well as two spots for those in wheelchairs.

There are tickets available for gold class and silver class passengers just like on the Dubai Metro, so you can choose your level of comfort. As the ferries are very new they are also very modern and stylish.

The Dubai ferry was opened in 2011 and each boat can take up to 100 passengers. Although it is scheduled to run at certain times, the round trips will only run if there are a minimum of 10 passengers on each trip. (One way trips will run however many people are on them).

The boats can also be hired for private use from the RTA on hourly rental charter packages either with or without seats installed. Contact the RTA on 800 9090 for more info.

The Dubai Ferry can be a great option for tourists as it enables them to see the city from the sea and get a view of some of the most popular parts of Dubai including the Burj al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah at a great price. Other options for this kind of tourist trip exist but are usually much more expensive so it is worth taking a trip on the Ferry if you are on holiday in Dubai.

Before asking any questions using the form below, it would be appreciated if you could check all of the information on this site first, in particular the Frequently Asked Questions page. Probably 90% of the questions asked request information that is already posted on the site 🙂

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  1. hi, As i found from the websites that if i had emirates NBD card ( i had both debit and credit cards ) , then i would be able take free round trip at marina station at 1.00 pm . Having understood that there might be long queues , reached there by 10.30 am , went to the station and was informed that i should come at 1.00 pm , before i left i showed them my cards and was informed that my cards were fine . but at 1.00 pm , when i was to take the tickets , they informed me that my cards dont have the RTA logo on it . My doubt is whether this is true ?

    Please do let me know as i went there with my family and was in the hot sun for a very long time .


    1. I believe it is the Go4it Emirates NBD cards that give you the free ferry trip but you will need to confirm with the bank if the card was refused at the ticket office.

      1. thanks for the reply . but it would have been nice if its clearly mentioned that only the above mentioned card can be used .

        1. We don’t have specific confirmation that only this card can be used. Ferry users need to check with Emirates NBD if they have the correct card.

    1. It depends which route you want to take – you can get the metro to Al Ghubaiba or the Marina if you want to take that route.

  2. Hii,
    I am planning to make ferry round trip on 30/06/17
    Do I need to book in advance? is it sure trip will be there?
    which route is it covered during 5 Pm Trip

  3. Hello I want to take a Ferry todas?
    Is it posible?
    Hoy much it cost?
    Where colud we geT the ferry?

  4. Hi Good Day,

    Im currently Visit Visa expired month of July 2017, i searching new career, im have experience Sea Base as Ordinary Seaman, and F&B 3 yrs dubai.

    How to apply RTA FERRY please send me directly email for HR.

  5. Hello,

    Is it possible to do a specific drop off? say we wanted to go to pearl Jumeirah area (nikki beach) from dubai marina station.


  6. Would like to know if gold tickets are still available for the new year eve fireworks route ?? Also is there a sitting for gold class

    1. Hi, I have 4 tickets on waterbus for thenew year eve.leaving from Marina. I am not sure I can make it. I can sell it to you. 125was each.

  7. Dear Admin

    This is a complaint regarding Dubai Canal Ferry.
    Yesterday i booked 10 tickets for my family from Jumeirah Marine station upto Dubai Design Distt. My family boarded at 7.35pm and i went to Dubai Design Distt to pick them up.

    My complaint is that there is no signing no presence on google map for location of DUBAI DESIGN DISTT marine station.
    I roamed around IN DDD for 1 hour 30 minutes to locate the marine station but in vain. I called RTA for 16 minutes but he knew nothing about location.

    they gave me some GPS guidance number 700017000 which wasnt working,

    i asked the ticket booking person at Jumeirah Canal take off marine station, he said the stop is at DDD and there are lots of branded restaurants. this was his location information.

    I roamed around in DDD for 90 minutes , i entered all restricted project sites to get a trace of information or a small CARD BOARD Playcard saying RTA but none.

    For such a huge project such basic information not avaiable.

    You dont have any staff level guy who can pin point or flag locations of google map or smart drive or just list coordinates.

    I lodged a compalaint with RTA , 1279743 mentioning same facts.

    i still cant believe that such mega project is so ill administered and operated . till the time you can get proper sign boards you can just use paint , mark arrows or even wooden placards to guide.

    Dubai which is known for IT integration par excellence , such non availability of information is not believable,

    I hope you can do something at the earliest to not to let anyone else suffer like i did.

    It was a bad experience for my visiting family with 4 kids and 2 senior citizen to see such mismanagement.



  8. We plan to take the circular trip – Dubai marina – Atlantis – Dubai marina ( 5 pm) this week , since advance booking is not available, what time does the ticket counter open and what time should we come to be able to get the gold tickets. can we buy tickets in the morning. pl advice

  9. Hi Admin,

    Good morning. I just want to know who is the supplier of the RTA ferries cause I have some buyer for the same kind maybe you can help me

      1. Is it possible to take a ferry starting from the marina which goes up the Dubai canal and then back down to then carry along the coast up to al Ghubaiba / the bottom of the creek or is this 2 different routes?
        If the latter, please could you let me know the timings and if it is possible to change and connect between the ferries on the 2 routes in the same day without a long wait?
        Final question: do we need to buy tickets in advance?
        Many thanks.

        1. Hi Rachel, you are right that this is 2 separate routes so it is just a question of looking at the timings on the routes page. However, it does not look possible without a long wait. If you get the 11am ferry from the marina then you should be able to get the 12.05 from Dubai Canal station but then it gets to Al Jadaf at 13.50 and the next ferry back from there is not until 5.30pm although that should link you up with the ferry that left Dubai Marina at 6.30pm and will go on to Al Ghubaiba.

  10. Hi where i can get station from deira to dubai water canal i mean in which area i can get ferry station i want to go dubai water canal plz tell me give me station detail and ticket prize as well

    1. According to the maritime anouncement issued by DMCA for the water canal, it is allowed to enter with the following ristrictions
      * maximum length 35 meter
      * maximum draft 2.5 meter
      * maximum airdraft (height) 7 meter
      * maximum speed 7 knots

      Please contact DMCA who can give you a copy of this maritime anouncement, if any one would stop you, than you have an official document in your hands of Dubai Maritime Authority.

      Hope this helps you.

  11. Hello,
    I am looking for a any vacant position if available in dubai ferry.
    I have done Higher National Diploma in Nautical Science and having 9 months onboard experience in dubai itself.
    I urge you to kindly guide me with my query.

    Thank you

  12. Pls. advice by using emirates NBd i can take free trip on Friday, 30-Sep-2016 from Marina station that is fifth Friday of Month Sep. 2016.

  13. Hi, where can I buy tickets for ferries following the 2016 dhow races and from where (and what time) do they depart? Thanks.

      1. respacted sir,
        i’m a seaman i can work on the yacht and as a boat driver also i have RYA certificate if have anything kindly inform

        thank you

        Akash Gupta

  14. Hi, I wondering if it’s possible to book one of your boats for transfer from Jumeriah The Palm and close by the hotel Burj al arab ?(1-1,5 hour trip).
    We are getting married in Dubai and we will probably have around 80-100 guests.

    Is it possible?
    Whats would it cost?
    Please give me the answer by email.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi, you can privately hire the Dubai Ferry but you need to contact the RTA to arrange it. You can call them on 800 9090 or if you tweet @RTA_Dubai they can probably give you an email address for contacting them.

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