The Dubai Ferry is a relatively recent addition to the Emirate’s expanding public and tourist transport system and is being constantly improved and expanded.

In the last few years Dubai has seen the opening of the Dubai Metro, the Palm Monorail and last year the Dubai Tram also opened to the public.

In most countries the term ‘ferry’ would imply a boat that takes you from one place to another for more of a public transport purpose. However, although the Dubai Ferry is run by the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority), the Ferry is more of a tourist trip as there are four trips that are run on the Dubai Ferry that start at the ferry station, tour round areas of local interest, and return to the same station, with each trip lasting for an hour.

Dubai FerryAdded to that they have introduced routes that goes from one port to another to increase the appeal of the ferry and they are now looking to increase the more ‘functional’ routes with some ferry services that will go through Business Bay and Al Jadaf.

There are a number of stations served by the Dubai Ferry at either end of Dubai in Al Ghubaiba, Dubai Marina and also some stations running through the Dubai Water Canal.

The ferry runs multiple times a day from each location, for a duration of an hour (frequency and times change often so check out the routes page for more info) and the boats are designed for comfort with a snack bar on board and facilities for two classes of passenger as well as two spots for those in wheelchairs.

There are tickets available for gold class and silver class passengers just like on the Dubai Metro, so you can choose your level of comfort. As the ferries are very new they are also very modern and stylish.

The Dubai ferry was opened in 2011 and each boat can take up to 100 passengers. Although it is scheduled to run at certain times, the round trips will only run if there are a minimum of 10 passengers on each trip. (One way trips will run however many people are on them).

The boats can also be hired for private use from the RTA on hourly rental charter packages either with or without seats installed. Contact the RTA on 800 9090 for more info.

The Dubai Ferry can be a great option for tourists as it enables them to see the city from the sea and get a view of some of the most popular parts of Dubai including the Burj al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah at a great price. Other options for this kind of tourist trip exist but are usually much more expensive so it is worth taking a trip on the Ferry if you are on holiday in Dubai.

Before asking any questions using the form below, it would be appreciated if you could check all of the information on this site first, in particular the Frequently Asked Questions page. Probably 90% of the questions asked request information that is already posted on the site 🙂

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  1. Hi we are 4 people planned to go a round trip in ferry this weekend friday & would like to know the following . Whats the timing for the ferry for round trip & we want to see the palm atlantis & the Burj al arab from ferry so which route to choose & the timing

  2. I took the ferry today Wednesday 3 feb 2016 on the 1pm ferry from the Marina to Dubai Creek and I think I dropped my spectacles on the ferry. Is it possible to check

  3. Dear admin,

    1: Could you please let me know if the Dubai Ferry from Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina is travelling past The Atlantis?
    2: Is the roundtrip from 17.00 PM from Dubai Marina the only roundtrip from Dubai Marina that is travelling past The atlantis at this moment?

    Thank you already in advance for your concern.

    Kind regards,

      1. Hi Admin
        I have ENBD Credit card and I have got an email that I can avail complimentary service of Free Dubai Ferry ride on First and Second Friday of the month from Ghubaiba to Burj ul Arab at 2;30Pm

        Kindly advise where I can get the ticket on my car and avail this free offer.

        1. As I understand it, you can turn up at the ferry and show your Emirates NBD card but you may want to check with Emirates NBD themselves as to whether they will issue you with a ticket first. There seems to be a lot of confusion over these free trips.

          1. Each departure location has its own ticket office at the terminal. You can phone the RTA on 800 9090 for more info.

  4. Dear Admin,
    I did not see much connection of Ferry, train and buses in Dubai. In order to reduce the personal transportation, RTA should create an efficient network of public transportation and hand out free map and routine so everyone can easy travel from here to there in Dubai. You can take an example for Sydney public transportation system, for me it works quite good.

    1. The ticket counters are open when the trips occur so with the last trip being 6.30pm they are open then. However, this time last year the tickets were sold out so you may need to be quick.

    2. Hi, I am looking to sell my tickets (3 of them) as I have a last minute change of plans. Please contact me at 052 995 1277. Thanks

  5. Are the gold class tickets for New Years Eve still available? Till what time can I purchase them from the Dubai Marina Station?

    1. I’m afraid you will need to go to the ticket office and check there or else you may be able to get the information if you ring the RTA on 800 9090.

  6. Hi,

    The Dubai Ferry tickets for New Year’s Eve 2015 are available to purchase.

    I bought mine from the Dubai Ferry – Marina Mall kiosk a few days ago.

    Silver class – 250AED
    Gold class – 375 AED

    1. Also the timings for the Ferry are:
      Departs 10pm from Marina Mall, it goes around the Palm and anchors near the Burj Al Arab, returning at 1am.

  7. Folks new year special tickets for 31-Dec-2015 are on sale. I collected mine sometime back. Please rush to Dubai Marina ferry station in front of Marina Mall.

    See you all on 31st….

  8. I read your announcement of the Dubai Ferry tickets available for New Year’s Eve.
    I wonder if when you get the details you can book and purchase tickets on this website .
    Thank you

    1. Hi, unfortunately not as this website is not run by the RTA. I think though the tickets are usually only available by buying in person.

  9. We (2 persons) are interested in reserving/booking 2 tkts of 2015 NYE special ferry ride (last year the ferry ride was 3 hrs ride and departed at 10 pm from Marina) from Marina on Dec 31st 2015 for watching the NY fireworks.

    Can you please tell us when and how can we purchase/book /buy these 2 tickets in advance? Please let us know if there is any web site and phone nos. for purchasing these tkts.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi, they normally only announce these tickets shortly before New Year. We will try and keep you updated on here as soon as we have any news.

  10. Hi.. I have got a project regarding the ferry company.. I would like to meet up with the managers So that i would be able to do it well… kindly advise whether I will be able to meet them
    Thank you

  11. Hey! Can you please provide me with the timings for trips from Dubai Marina to Al Ghuaiba station on 15th October. Thank you

  12. i m search to dubai farry boat’s.
    can any one give me the job.
    this is my email id (hanifbetara78@gmail.com)
    i need a job ..
    please anyone help me…
    i have a passport..

  13. Hello Dubai Ferry! Is there any available position for Ferry Captain? Can you tell me the requirements for the position? Thanks a lot! 🙂

  14. Hello,
    We will be a group of 17 people from New Jersey, US visiting Dubai in December.
    Can you please send best options and group pricing to view all 3 fireworks from ferry/boat/etc if available on New Years eve. This would be for both Burj towers and Atlantis.


    1. Hi, I think with that number of people you might be best to do a private charter of some kind of boat/ferry. I would recommend contacting the RTA (rta.ae) to enquire about this or else you might be able to get a private yacht hire from somewhere.

  15. good day
    i worked as a ferry captain in similar ferries of dubai for several years i interested to apply for job in ferry dubai kindly ask about the way to applying for a job there

      1. Sorry I don’t know what other companies may be recruiting for that kind of role – may check out Gulf News for vacancies?

  16. Hi Team,

    I was wondering if there is a ferry service run by Dubai RTA that travels to Iran? If not, do you have any information as to who might?


  17. Good morning.
    Just a few questions:
    1. Where is the terminal in the Marina?
    2. How much is the cost for a ticket and where we could buy it? the price is for a round trip?
    3. We have to book or we could go directly to the terminal?
    4. How long does the trip take to go and return?
    5. Which is the difference between normal trip (11, 1, 6:30), tourist trip and Sightseeing trip?

    Thank you very much for help us!
    Have a nice day.

    1. Most of the answers can be found on this website!
      The terminal is outside marina mall, just turn left and walk about 500 yards
      See tickets page – tickets are sold at the terminals
      No you can’t book, go straight there
      trips are around 60-75 minutes
      the 11, 1 and 6.30 go from one terminal to another, the other 2 trips are circular.

  18. hi,
    We are 2 adults and 2 children( with suitcases)who are going to spend a few days in Abu dhabi and then move on to Dubai for the rest of the holiday.
    Any chance of go from Abu dhabi to Dubai by boat?


    1. There is no public ferry service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai but she may be able to get a private charter. Otherwise there is a bus service.

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