New Route for Dubai Ferry

New Route for and after Eid Al Fitr

We recently reported the timings for the Dubai Ferry for the holiday of Eid al Fitr 017 (you can find the details here) where an additional ferry trip was announced by the RTA.

After further investigations it appears that this new route will be active after the end of Eid Al Fitr on an ongoing basis.

dubai ferry water canal
A ferry on Dubai Water Canal

Circular Route

The new route is a circular trip (ie it departs from and returns to the same station) from the Sheikh Zayed Road Marine Station which is on the Dubai Water Canal.


The trip will last an hour and there will be one ferry taking the trips between 6pm and midnight from that station.


The price for the trip is the same as the other circular trips – 50 dirhams for Silver Class tickets and 75 dirhams for Gold class tickets.

Children under 5 travel free and children over the age of 5 are charged at full adult price. Tickets can be bought from the Sheikh Zayed Road Marine Transport Station ahead of your particular trip.

The round trip will not stop at any other stations and will be a trip that gives you a 1 hour view of Dubai Water Canal.

Check out the Routes page for full details of all of the routes that Dubai Ferry runs.


Dubai Ferry Timings for Eid al Fitr 2017

The RTA has announced the timings for the Dubai Ferry for the holiday of Eid al Fitr 2017.

Normal Timings

The ferry services will all return to their normal timings after some of them were suspended for Ramadan and you can see the specific details of the timings and trips here.

Additional Trip

In addition to the standard trips, a new trip has been added for Eid al Fitr which is a round trip service from Sheikh Zayed Road Station that will operate between 6pm and Midnight.

The trip lasts around an hour and the cost is the same as the standard trips that run from the Marina and Al Ghubaiba – i.e. 50 dirhams for Silver class and 75 dirhams for Gold class. It is free for under 5s and full price for over 5s.

It is a round trip that departs and returns to Sheikh Zayed Road Station and does not stop at any other marine stations.

A summary of the trips running throughout Eid is shown below: