Dubai Ferry Trips to World Islands

To mark public transport day the RTA is running trips to the World Islands on Dubai Ferry. The trips will last 90 minutes and will take place on 26 October, 28 October and 1 November and will cost the same as a normal trip on Dubai Ferry – 50 dirhams for silver class and 75 dirhams for Gold Class.

New Ferry Route – Al Mamzar

On 1 October 2014 the RTA launched a new route for the Dubai Ferry which is a round trip from Al Mamzar Marine Port. As with other trips, this route takes an hour and costs 75 dirhams for Gold Class and 50 Dirhams for Silver Class travel.

The route will start off on only Thursdays and Fridays with one trip per day at 4.30pm. No doubt the RTA will keep an eye on how popular this route is before they think about increasing the frequency.

Here is the promotional material advertising the service from the RTA: